About Folissimo

Folissimo makes getting your creative work online easier and faster than you ever imagined.

Folissimo was founded in 2012 in response to the lack of intuitive, fast options for creative freelancers to get their visual work online and keep it up-to-date.

Founder Campbell Morgan, a former 3D Animator, had heard other animators saying that "If you've got a good showreel, you're not getting enough work" and decided this needed to be challenged.

He worked towards the goal of creating an intuitive interface which could be mastered with little or no conventional internet experience and which would enable users to make substantial updates to their web presence in 5 minutes or less.


All features are available to all users whether on the trial or a paid plan.

There are currently four ways of paying for Folissimo:
Pay Monthly - £8 / month - a monthly recurring subscription which you can cancel whenever you like
Pay Yearly - £60 / year - equivalent to £5 / month - an annual recurring subscription
2 Years - £115 - a one-off payment that gives you 2 years access
5 Years - £280 - a one-off payment that gives you 5 years access


Folissimo is not currently hiring for any specific positions, but if you are either passionate about any particular visual medium (Animation, Illustration, Photography etc) and want to combine it with your enthusiasm for the web or if you are a talented programmer who loves visual material and PHP or jquery-based javascript please [email protected]!