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Folissimo is a powerful and intuitive platform for creating and updating websites when images and videos matter.

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Sadly Folissimo is no longer accepting new users.
Uploading images is simplicity itself and makes the whole process fun
Nina Murdoch - Artist
It's been really satisfying to see my work looking so good online
Peter Knight - Photographer


Choose from a selection of cutting-edge, highly responsive themes that make your work the focus

All themes come equipped with a mobile version and are designed to work well on tablets. You can choose another theme whenever you like.


    Make your site unique without knowing any code.

    Splash Screens

    Every theme can have a full-screen, fading gallery as their landing page.

    Any Colour

    Select the colour you want for your theme and see it update instantly.

    Lots of Fonts

    Choose from 63 and counting fantastic web fonts to make your site unique

    Your own Logo

    Upload a custom logo and set any image of your choice as the icon in the browser tab (favicon)

    Have a Blog

    Change any of the pages on your site into a "blog" format to have a vertical-scrolling blog.
    Add existing content to your blog just by drag and drop.

    Updating Your Site

    Folissimo runs on a cutting-edge system that's been designed from the ground up just for visual content.

    Upload, rearrange and delete images and video just like you already do on your desktop: select > drag > drop Text is pretty easy too..


    Take control of your website and spend less time doing updates

    We listen to what you have to say and release new features and improvements all the time

    Import & Sync from the cloud
    Bulk import & sync video from your Youtube or Vimeo account. Import images straight from Dropbox.
    Great on Mobile
    Folissimo automatically creates a fast-loading version of your site optimized for mobile. All templates also resize nicely for a touch-friendly tablet experience!
    Use your domain
    Link any domain that you already own from the beginning of the trial. And don't worry, all Folissimo pages are unbranded - we want your site to look pro.
    No image limits
    We don't believe in arbitrary limits. Have as many images as you want, as many pages and subsections as you want and have it all from day 1 of the trial!
    Track your visitors
    Add Google Analytics to your page and find out detailed information about the visitors to your site.

    “ Uploading images is simplicity itself and makes the whole process fun”

    Nina Murdoch, Artist
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      Pay each month as it comes using a Paypal subscription

      £8 /month

    • 2 Years

      Pay 2 years as a one-off payment


    • 5 Years

      Pay 5 years as a one-off payment


    * when paying annually